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Jason M Francis1, M. R. Bayer1, Max D Gray1, René O Thomsen1, Tom Ziegler2
(1) Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
(2) Petroleum Geo-Services, Inc, London, England

Abstract: 3D Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Structural Styles of Offshore Togo, Africa

The recent opening of frontier lease blocks, offshore Togo, West Africa has generated data acquisition in search of hydrocarbon play potential. The basins of the West African margin have formed in response to continental rifting resulting in separation of the South American and African plates. Rifting began in the Late Jurassic, at the southern margins of these plates, and ended in the Late Cretaceous in the equatorial region. Intracontinental rifting began as a double rift system and subsequently developed a complex extensional history marked by differential subsidence due to major transfer structures. From the resulting basins, several phases of basin development are recognized, leading to a complex stacking of major tectono-stratigraphic units separated by unconformities. Our study, is based on a 3100 square km 3D seismic survey acquired by Petroleum Geo-Services, extending from the shallow shelf to bathyal water depths of ~3000 m. A 3D sequence stratigraphic framework for the shelf and slope of offshore Togo will be presented, with a discussion of the evolution of major unconformities in view of extensional and transpressional tectonic events and related play concepts.

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