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Richard Ernest Drumheller1, Stephen R. Carney2, Remi X. Fontaine3, Joel M. Thilliez4, Mohammed Bakelli2, Hassane Zegai3
(1) Anadarko Algeria Corporation, Uxbridge, United Kingdom
(2) Groupement HBNS, Hassi Messaoud, Algeria
(3) Groupement HBNS
(4) Groupement HBNS, Algeria

Abstract: Characterization of North African Fluvial Reservoirs, Berkine Basin, Algeria: Applications of New Technology to the Reservoir Description Process

Recent advances in available technology have allowed earlier and more complete 3D geologic model validation during the reservoir characterization process. Although located within large subtle structures, the Trias argilo-gréseux inférieur (TAGI) fluvial sandstones of the Berkine Basin, Algeria are sufficiently complex and heterogeneous that they require a sophisticated stochastic modeling methodology to provide a useful and realistic description for use in reservoir management. The component lithofacies include fluvial channel, deltaic, lacustrine (chott), and occasional aeolian modification of each.

Previous methods provided increasingly detailed and helpful descriptions, but have been found lacking in the critical area of 3D model validation. Our greatest concern has been knowledge of how well the models represent the depositional systems. The technological tools available to our geoscientists have undergone tremendous advances, which offer great benefits and present some interesting challenges. Recently acquired techniques allow 3D inversion of test and production data in a relatively rapid fashion in order to confirm and update the model prior to further use in fluid flow simulation.

An initial test of a 3D inversion loop was successfully incorporated into the design of a horizontal well. Further uses include detailed input for a WAG pilot program and for full-field model updating during delineation drilling. This involves simultaneous 3D inversion of data from several wells, including log, core, and multi-well interference and production testing.

The HBNS geologic / stochastic model continues to be routinely maintained and is readily available for use as a vehicle for specific problem solving and general reservoir management.

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