--> --> Abstract: Geologic Model, Reservoir Architectures and Production Performance at Popeye, GC 116 Field, Gulf of Mexico, by Michael C. Dean, Michael J. Harris, Michael F. Medeiros, and Segun Omidele; #90914(2000)

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Michael C. Dean1, Michael J. Harris1, Michael F. Medeiros1, Segun Omidele1
(1) Shell Offshore, Inc, New Orleans, LA

Abstract: Geologic model, reservoir architectures and production performance at Popeye, GC 116 Field, Gulf of Mexico

The GC 116 Popeye field is located approximately 140 miles southwest of New Orleans, Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico. Water depths range from 1,700 to 2,000 feet. The field began gas production in 1996 through a subsea system. Currently, three wells are producing over 150 MMCFG/Day from the “G” sand.

Popeye is located along the margin of a Plio-Pleistocene intraslope basin downthrown to a large growth fault system. The field is subdivided into two distinct hydrocarbon accumulations by a northwest – southeast trending syncline. The objective interval consists of Late Pliocene shelf-derived sands deposited within an overall progradational turbidite fan sequence bounded by transgressive marls.

The gas-bearing “G” sands are the primary field objectives and to date the only produced reservoirs. The “G” sand package was deposited as a complex assemblage of amalgamated sheet and channel mouth sands at the apical portion of the fan system. Sedimentary fill patterns were influenced by local subsidence, paleo-bathymetry, syndepositional faulting, and location relative to sediment entry points into the basin. Both erosional and depositional large-scale channel forms can also be observed seismically.

Production and MDT pressure data has confirmed extensive lateral continuity within individual sands as well as communication between sand members. In addition, aquifer support has been greater than anticipated. Understanding the reservoir architecture of the “G” sand package is considered fundamental in developing an effective reservoir management plan.

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