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Yousuf M. Al-Aufi1
(1) Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Abstract: The Application of Seismic Attribute Analysis to the Exploration of Turbidite Systems

Submarine fans and turbidite systems constitute major petroleum reservoirs in many sedimentary basins around the world. They have wide occurrences in diverse tectonic settings, which result in the great variability in reservoir geometries and characteristics.

Understanding and mapping of turbidite sandstone bodies has been greatly aided by the development and integration of 3-D seismic-reflection data in exploration and production geology. Typically, body information is normally extracted by eye in a 2-dimensional way. However, the physical characterisation of bodies is still very generalised and currently limited to bulk physical properties such as impedance or equivalent porosity.

This project has the objective of extracting more information from seismic data by improved body analysis and thus allowing more efficient and detailed input to geological models from seismic interpretation. It is intended to describe the physical properties of a depositional body with a set of parameters that reflect the shapes and interrelationships of properties as they vary within and between bodies. The combined set of physical and shape parameters contributes to the seismic image.

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