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2000-2001 AAPG Distinguished Lectures

Search and Discovery Article #90910 (2000).
Posted February 28, 2009


Predicting Fractures 5 Km Down: Integrated Reservoir Characterization, UPR/DOE Rock Island 4-H Well
    Lee F. Krystinik

Sequence Stratigraphic Variability in Foreland Basins: An Example from the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway of North America
    Lee F. Krystinik and Beverly Blakeney Dejarnett

Finding Subtle Traps Using Sequence Stratigraphic and Synsedimentary Tectonic Analysis
    Lee F. Krystinik and Richard H. Mead

Origin and Petrophysics of Carbonate Rock Fabrics
    F. Jerry Lucia

Dolomitization: A Porosity-Destructive Process
    F. Jerry Lucia

New Constraints on the Tectonic of the Eastern Mediterranean Sea from Recent Marine Geophysical Surveys
    Jean Mascle

Atlantic Equatorial Margins Off Africa: A Case Study for Transform Margin Development
    Jean Mascle

Evolution of Strontium and Carbon Isotope Composition of Cambrian Oceans: Potential for Tectonic, Paleoceanographic, and Biogeochemical Events
    Isabel Montanez

Evolution of Permian Atmospheric pCO2 and Western Equatorial Pangean Climate: As Recorded by Paleosol Morphologic and Geochemical Proxies
    Isabel Montanez

Reservoir Performance and Reservoir Quality in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Case Studies from Siliciclastic Reservoirs in the Americas and Europe
    Andrew Pulham

Anatomy of an Anomaly: The Catastrophic Devonian Alamo Impact Breccia, Nevada
    John Warme

Carbonate Facies and Sequences in the Jurassic High Atlas Rift, Morocco
    John Warme

Active Margin Sequences and Submarine Canyon Facies Models
    John Warme