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RAINS, DAVID, Baylor University, Waco, Texas; STACY C. ATCHLEY, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Abstract: Hydrocarbon Play Summary of the Central Basin Platform, Ozona Arch and Midland Basin, Permian Basin Region, West Texas

A play summary of the Central Basin Platform-Ozona Arch, and Midland Basin is provided as an analog for estimating the probability of geological success during frontier international exploration. Eight major play types are recognized within the study area: Ellenburger karsted and fractured dolomite, Mid-Wolfcampian subunconformity, Middle Paleozoic ramp and platform carbonate, isolated basinal buildup (Horseshoe Atoll), Permian ramp and platform carbonate, Permian platform karst, basinal clastic, and shelf clastic. Play types are summarized in terms of hydrocarbon play elements, original oil in place, historic trends of oil and gas production, cumulative oil and gas production to date, estimated ultimate oil recovery, and oil recovery factor. Reservoirs which comprise each play type are further characterized by the spatial probability of occurrence of varying field size classes. Production statistics compiled for individual fields include original oil in place; current and cumulative oil and gas production; estimated ultimate oil recovery; oil recovery factor; average porosity and permeability; trap-type; drive mechanism; average pay thickness; field area; primary, secondary and tertiary reservoirs; oil gravity; and lithology. Quantification of play-specific reservoir performance and field size probability of occurrence within a mature hydrocarbon province is hoped to constrain estimates of prospect expected value in geologically similar, under-explored basins.

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