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Petroleum Technology Transfer Council, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Colorado

Abstract: Previous HitComputerNext Hit Technology and the Petroleum Geologist, 1999

Previous HitComputerNext Hit technology has evolved so rapidly that it has left some geologists overwhelmed and frustrated. To make matters worse, some of those geologists have horrible memories of early Previous HitcomputerNext Hit mapping (circa 1980) and are therefore reluctant to try the new Previous HitcomputerNext Hit tools. For those that already use a Previous HitcomputerNext Hit to help them conduct geologic work, knowledge of the latest technology is important to them if they want to stay at the cutting edge.

There are three compelling reasons for geologists to use a Previous HitcomputerNext Hit in their work: manipulate and process a large volume of data quickly and easily, accommodate changes during the interpretation process, and visualize three dimensional features. A cost/benefit analysis of using a Previous HitcomputerNext Hit further emphasizes the importance of this new technology to petroleum geologists.

New technology does not necessarily mean tremendous expense; today?s powerful personal computers and dozens of sophisticated PC applications make it affordable for even the smallest company. It is useful to provide an overview of software applications such as mapping, digitizing, and log analysis in terms of capabilities versus cost. For example, geologic mapping software ranges from $0 to $55,000; what is the reason for this vast difference in price?

Geologists interested in getting started in this technology require guidelines for buying or upgrading a Previous HitcomputerTop, sources of software training, and knowledge of the Internet as a tool for, accessing data, research, news, and networking.

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