--> Abstract: Geology of Lower Tertiary Coal Deposits of Tosh Area, Western Nepal, by K. R. Paudyal; #90925 (1999)

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PAUDYAL, KABI RAJ, Tribhuvan University, Central Department of Geology, Kathmandu, Nepal

Abstract: Geology of Lower Tertiary Coal Deposits of Tosh Area, Western Nepal

The Lower Tertiaries of Nepal are well developed in Surkhet, Dang and Tansen Areas of Western Nepal. The succession is mainly composed of sandstones and shales with rare intercalation of limestone beds. The lithological succession of individual sections are comparable to each other and contain remains of foraminifers, mollusca and vertebrates.

The Lower Tertiary coal deposits are recorded from the Tosh Area of Dang, Western Nepal. Although, some of these coal deposits are being mined by private miners, their geology is still not clearly understood.

The purpose of this research work is to make detailed geological study of the Lower Tertiary coal deposits of Tosh area, clearify its geological setting, recognize stratigraphic levels of coal occurences, make their microscopic study and worked out their prospecting criteria.

It has been planned to prepare a detailed Geological map (1:25,000) for the coal bearing area, prepare a complete lithological log for the entire Lower Tertiary succession of the Tosh Area by describing and measuring each individual beds from bottom to top, make a detailed record of coal bearing horizons occuring at different stratigraphic levels and sampled them for laboratory analysis and microscopic study.

The present work will be very helpful in better understanding of the geology of the Lower Tertiary coal deposits of Nepal, their depositional environment, quality and in working out their prospecting criteria for prognozing and searching of their deposits within the prospective areas of Nepal.

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