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MEDVIN, EVELYN, JOHN ARENSON, and STEVEN J. MAIONE, Coherence Technology Company, Houston, Texas

Abstract: Interpretation of Coherence Cube™ processing in the 3-D Workspace

Too often, 3-D seismic data is underutilized because it is treated as a series of densely spaced 2-D data during the interpretation phase. By performing a line by line or every Nth line interpretation we are missing the true value of 3-D seismic data, a 3-D view of our prospective area. In order to take advantage of what has been recorded and processed we MUST interpret our 3-D seismic data in the 3-D workspace to produce a 3-D geologic picture.

Coherence Technology Company, Inc. (CTC), the leader in Coherence Cube processing, provides a highly innovative and accurate method for clearly imaging subsurface faults and stratigraphy recorded in your 3-D surveys. Coherence Cube processing can be utilized in new exploration 3-D projects to define the structural and stratigraphic trends within the data set prior to interpretation. Utilizing 3-D software tools you can incorporate existing 2D interpretations into the project. In existing 3-D projects, Coherence will enhance the structural and stratigraphic understanding of the area as well as serve to refine existing interpretations. In fact, Coherence can be utilized to refine your reservoir model for simulation.

Incorporation of Coherence Cube processing into the 3-D workspace interpretation allows all project data to be incorporated for a comprehensive understanding of the structural and stratigraphic objectives and interpretation integrity. It provides the geophysicists and geologists the tools to produce a more accurate interpretation by identifying structural and stratigraphic trends that were previously undetectable. 

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