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Texaco Exploration and Production Inc., New Orleans, LA

Abstract: Depositional Facies Interpretation and Reservoir Delineation Using Stratal-slicing Technique on 3D Seismic Previous HitDataNext Hit with Previous HitExampleNext Hit from Lake Barre Previous HitFieldNext Hit, South Central Louisiana

Depositional facies interpretation based on 3D seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit has become increasingly popular over the past few years. What made this possible is that horizontal resolution of 3D seismic, which is controlled by acquisition bin width, is often finer than lateral facies change. Therefore, a number of depositional facies can be resolved on 3D seismic Previous HitdataNext Hit. Proportional slicing or stratal slicing is a technique that has been developed in recent years by geologists to aid in depositional facies interpretations. It uses a program to slice through a 3D Previous HitdataNext Hit volume proportionally between two horizons, flatten the horizons as well as the slices and convert the Previous HitdataNext Hit into a relative chronostratigraphic time volume. The resultant Previous HitdataNext Hit can be easily visualized in a number of 3-D visualization softwares. This enables geologists to study minor lateral facies variations and vertical changes through time. Therefore, spatial and temporal distribution of reservoirs can be delineated. Application of this technique in Texaco has achieved the best results in fluival and deep-water turbidite systems. The stratal-sliced 3D seismic volume from Lake Barre Previous HitfieldNext Hit revealed depositional facies from large meandering channels, small distributary channels, tidal channels, point bars, and shelf sheet sands. These depositional facies can be correlated with well log Previous HitdataNext Hit. Abrupt vertical changes between different depositional systems are observed. We are currently using these results along with production Previous HitdataNext Hit to characterize the reservoirs in this Previous HitfieldTop.

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