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Railroad Commission of Texas, Austin, TX

Abstract: Regulation of Hazardous Previous HitWasteNext Hit in the Oil Field: the Railroad Commission of Texas' Approach

Many wastes generated in association with crude oil and natural gas exploration and production activities are exempt from regulation as hazardous Previous HitwasteNext Hit. However, nonexempt oil and gas Previous HitwasteNext Hit is subject to a hazardous Previous HitwasteNext Hit determination, and if determined to be hazardous Previous HitwasteNext Hit, is subject to standards for Previous HitmanagementNext Hit of hazardous Previous HitwasteNext Hit. Hazardous Previous HitwasteNext Hit Previous HitmanagementNext Hit standards are established by the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, Subtitle C (RCRA Subtitle C). A state may enforce these standards through a hazardous Previous HitwasteNext Hit program authorized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or EPA may retain RCRA Subtitle C authority in a state. The Railroad Commission of Texas enforces standards equivalent to RCRA Subtitle C through Statewide Rule 98, "Standards for Previous HitManagementNext Hit of Hazardous Oil and Gas Previous HitWasteNext Hit." The Railroad Commission of Texas' hazardous oil and gas Previous HitwasteNext Hit program has not yet been authorized by EPA; therefore, the Railroad Commission of Texas and EPA share parallel authority over hazardous oil and gas Previous HitwasteNext Hit in Texas.

Statewide Rule 98 is structured to address the application of federal hazardous Previous HitwasteNext Hit regulation to the unique circumstances of oil and gas operations. This paper provides an overview of the regulatory process for hazardous oil and gas Previous HitwasteNext Hit in Texas, including the application of important exemptions and exclusions and the most common applicable Previous HitmanagementTop standards.

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