--> --> Abstract: Special Forum: Using Environmental Technologies as a Strategic Exploration Tool, by S. Kiser and B. R. Shaw; #90928 (1999).
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Abstract: Special Previous HitForumNext Hit: Using Environmental Technologies as a Strategic Exploration Tool

This special Previous HitforumNext Hit will be co-chaired by KISER, SUE, President, Division of Environmental Geosciences, AAPG; and Dr. BRIAN R. SHAW, Director, Center for Environmental Security, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

This special Previous HitforumNext Hit will offer insights on policy and practice concerning overseas oil and gas exploration. The focus is on strategically applying environmental technologies to enhance competitive positions and opportunities. These dimensions include environmental diplomacy, environmental technology, environmental management practices, offsets, exploration company perspectives, and environmental contractor perspectives.

The Previous HitforumNext Hit will present views that reflect important dimensions of these opportunities. A representative* of the U.S. Department of Energy will discuss a perspective on the current and future directions of technology Previous HitdevelopmentNext Hit and deployment investments.

A second panelist* will be from the Office of Oceans, Environment and Science, within the Global Programs Bureau, U.S. Department of State. The speaker will share with Previous HitforumNext Hit attendees insights on current environmental diplomacy initiatives undertaken by the U.S. government, on behalf of the Secretary of State and in coordination with international environmental programs of other Federal agencies.

Joining the U.S. government officials will be a representative of the oil and gas industry who has direct experience in using environmental technologies to aid in oil and gas exploration and drilling. Through this presentation, Previous HitforumNext Hit attendees will obtain an insiders view on how environmental policies can be successfully paired with other corporate strategies related to research and Previous HitdevelopmentNext Hit, geographic emphases, collaborative or subsidiary relationships with overseas Previous HitdevelopmentTop partners, and environmental stewardship. Rounding out the panel will be an environmental consultant to the oil and gas industry, who will offer practical advice and lessons learned on using environmental technologies to advance one's competitive position.


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