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Halliburton Energy Services, Houston, TX

Abstract: Guidance for a Fully Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System

One of the keys to implementing structural controls that guarantee continual improvement is a comprehensive management system. Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Management systems have historically been separate from main stay processes of a company. This distinction may hinder full implementation of the system because operations personnel do not consider HSE to be Previous HitintegralNext Hit to their function. The Halliburton Management System (HMS) is an integrated management system that provides a structure covering HSE and Quality within the framework of each activity. Processes are mapped in HMS and feedback is captured with the Previous HitCorrectionTop Prevention Improvement (CPI) system.

HMS represents Five Key Activities in practice. It includes the purpose and vision of the company, a formal system for the feedback of performance measures, customer and employee satisfaction, planning activities and a system for making improvements to the system. The HMS is designed to focus on performance rather than compliance. By focusing on the process as a whole we keep our purpose, as defined in the mission statement, within sight.

Based on the strategy of the company, we develop and implement plans to insure the proper resources are in place. This includes development of personnel; purchase of capital equipment and inventories; and HSE elements. Since the HMS documents this process, we have a guide to follow which helps eliminate the inefficiencies. This planning also helps integrate HSE management up front, through documented risk assessment and control. This system then meets the ISO requirements.

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