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1999-2000 AAPG Distinguished Lectures

Search and Discovery Article #90927 (1999).
Posted February 28, 2009


A Climate of Doubt about Global Warming
    Robert C. Balling

Clastic Diagenesis and Porosity Prediction in Sedimentary Basins
    Knut Bjorlykke

Relationships between Sediment Compaction, Fluid Flow, Overpressure and Oil Migration: Examples from the North Sea and Haltenbanken, Offshore Norway
    Knut Bjorlykke

Lake-Basin Type, Source Potential, and Hydrocarbon Character: An Integrated Sequence-Stratigraphic-Geochemical Framework
    Kevin M. Bohacs

Sequence Stratigraphy of Lake Basins: Unraveling the Influence of Climate and Tectonics
    Kevin M. Bohacs

Let the Data Speak to You, or How to Improve Your 3-D Seismic Interpretation
    Alistair R. Brown

Evolution of the Tibetan Plateau Viewed from the Perspective of Eastern Tibet
    B. Clark Burchfiel

Exploring for Hydrocarbons in the Cambro-Ordovician of Newfoundland and Quebec
    Mark Cooper

Fractured Carbonate Reservoirs in the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies
    Mark Cooper

Drilling for Oily Elephants in the Andean Foothills of Colombia
    Mark Cooper

Oil and Gas Fields Associated with Inverted Extensional Faults: A Global Review
    Mark Cooper