--> Abstract: Threshold Parameters and Institutional Memory: Diverse Concepts Applied To Management, by D. B. Swift, R. J. Erdlac, Jr., and J. J. Reeves; #90936 (1998).

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Abstract: Threshold Parameters and Institutional Memory: Diverse Concepts Applied To Management

SWIFT, DOUGLAS B., RICHARD J. ERDLAC, Jr., and JAMES J. REEVES West Texas Earth Resources Institute, Midland, TX

The biological concept of threshold parameter defines a single controlling environmental parameter (whether air, water, nutrients, living space or other single control) which controls the population of a species. Once the demands of a threshold parameter are addressed, a new threshold parameter will arise, taking the place of the former control. An example of a threshold parameter in nature is the silica content of ocean water, a modern control on radiolarian populations. During the mid 1960's, a major bloom of radiolarians occurred in the North Atlantic, the direct result of silica released into the environment by the eruption of Surtsey on the coast of Iceland. A similar threshold parameter may have controlled radiolarians in the Leonard of the Delaware Basin and may be related to the productive fractures in the South Culebra Bluff, Los Medanos, and Sand Dunes upper Bone Spring pays. The concept of Threshold parameter has direct application to modern management techniques, on many levels. "Putting out the hottest fire" is merely a matter of dealing with threshold parameters, without prior planning. Growth in a species population or corporation will not succeed unless threshold parameters are addressed. One possible threshold parameter often ignored is Institutional Memory. This is the long term memory that allows for the Connections of James Burke's noted PBS series. Examples of the need for Institutional Memory can include historical knowledge of "allowables", the purpose of out-moded logging suites, or knowledge of long discarded company procedures or efforts.

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