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Abstract: Reprocessed Results of Vintage Seismic Data from the Val Verde Basin Overthrust Region, West Texas

REEVES, JAMES J., RENEE ROBERTSON, RICHARD J. ERDLAC, JR., and DOUGLAS B. SWIFT, West Texas Earth Resources Institute, Midland, Texas

Seismic data processing of a 1972 vintage 2-D seismic line in the Val Verde Basin overthrust is compared to modern reprocessed results and to recent seismic data shot in the region. Improvements in seismic imaging are from accurate geometry installation, detailed velocity analyses, improved residual statics algorithms, modern coherency filters, and a broader spectral bandwidth. Interactive seismic data processing and interpretation are achieved through a network of Pentium Pro NT and IBM 43P RISC 6000 UNIX computer workstations. Seismic data processing is done using an interactive version of the Phoenix Vector seismic data processing system. Data are interpreted using GMA 2-D seismic interpretation software. Close integration of seismic data processing and interpretation from computer workstations and application software allows for accurate and efficient reprocessing of seismic data by the exploration team.

When comparing modern reprocessed 1972 vintage data to recent seismic data, many of the interpreted structural and stratigraphic features are the same. Results indicate that reprocessing of older vintage 2-D seismic data could make a significant impact on exploration programs. Several new play trends are defined by the reprocessed results.

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