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Abstract: Characterization and Description of Thrusted Sandstone Reservoirs in the Deer Canyon Field, Val Verde Basin, West Texas

EDWARDS, DON A., JOHN H. SNOW, MATT PICKREL, and GENE ZAEFF, Conoco, Inc., Midland Texas.

The Val Verde Basin is located in western Texas within the southern portion of the Permian Basin petroleum province. Historically known for its large structures and multiple-TCF gas fields, recent activity in the basin has focused upon foreland thrusted reservoirs of Pennsylvanian and Permian age. The main producing intervals at the Deer Canyon Field are Early Wolfcampian sandstones. The field also produces from Pennsylvanian Strawn carbonate reservoirs located below and thrusted above the sand interval.

Structural compartmentalization, stratigraphic variability, diagenesis, and fracturing have created a prolific but complex reservoir system. Successful field development and reservoir characterization of the Deer Canyon sandstone reservoir has required the collection and integration of significant amounts of geological, geophysical, and engineering data. Utilization and interpretation of many data types such as 3-d seismic data, conventional well log and image data, core data, pressure data, and other fluid properties provide the framework for understanding the depositional and structural complexities associated with this reservoir.

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