--> Abstract: Health, Safety and Environmental Approach to the Petrozuata Joint Venture in Venezuela, by T. L. Thoem and C. L. Corrie; #90933 (1998).
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Abstract: Health, Safety and Environmental Approach to the Petrozuata Joint Venture in Venezuela

Thoem, Terry L. - Conoco Inc. and Corrie, Carlos L. - PDVSA

PDVSA and Conoco's proposed joint venture project was the first of foreign joint ventures approved by the Venezuelan Congress. Both companies knew we had to "get Health, Safety and Environment right," Initial meetings focused on understanding of our respective companies' Health, Safety and Environmental policies and philosophy. From this mutual understanding and agreement of the cooperation for the new joint venture, we were able to proceed to the more dedicated delineation of design standards, operational practices, and performance expectations.

Initially named Venezuela Heavy Oil Project, later officially called Petrozuata, Health, Safety and Environmental staff from both companies engaged in the preparation of Environmental Input Assessments, design basis for Previous HitproductionNext Hit, pipeline, and upgrading; negotiations with the governments and the communities; and Previous HitdevelopmentNext Hit of Health, Safety and Environmental management systems and plans.

An important part of the approach was the interaction with all stakeholders. Public meetings were held in the project area communities to inform interested persons of the project plans and schedules. Concerns and questions were addressed. Job opportunities and skills needed were addressed.

First oil is expected in 1998. We believe that proper Health, Safety and Environmental front-end loading was instrumental to commercial success.

The authors also lead the Western Hemisphere Environment, Health and Safety Previous HitForumTop, a group of companies doing business in the Americas.

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