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Abstract: Research Collaboration Projects: Petroleum Industry - IMP-Academic Institutions

Manjarrez, A.; Serrano M. Zazueta; Hernandez, A. - IMP

In most countries educational systems, mainly universities, and independent non-corporate research and technology institutes constitute an important part of the science and technology infrastructure, or what has become known as the national systems of innovation.

In the advanced countries, most industrial research and development activities have traditionally been carried out by private firms closely linked with academia, absorbing their graduate outputs. Government funded R&D institutes, set up in different areas, have undertaken advanced scientific research relatively independently of industry.

By contrast, R&D activities in developing countries are carried out in government funded universities. R&D institutes were created later and funded by governments in centralized laboratories with the mission of assisting economic development by generating science and technology. As a result, many developing countries have created dualistic structures with government funded R&D institutes on one side, and universities on the other. Not surprisingly, both structures remain disconnected from industrial activity.

The Mexican Petroleum Institute created by the Mexican Government in 1965 to assist the nationalized petroleum industry by generating science and technology, has initiated an ambitious project to overtake a real contribution between academic infrastructure and petroleum industry through IMP R&D projects in different strategic areas of industry.

This paper provides an overview of IMP strategies to incorporate the best researches, the most advanced post-graduate students and the facilities from academia to research IMP projects. We will also examine the activities carried out during the last three years engaged in by almost 30 schools and research institutes from 11 universities to identify more than 90 collaboration research project. Lastly, the financial resources to support selected research collaboration projects are examined.

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