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Abstract: Radarsat: The Critical Tool for All Stages of Petroleum Exploration

Irving, Rebecca E.; Toth, Veronica A.; Suddaby, Kevin - lntermap Technologies, Canada

The RADARSAT satellite provides imagery from 35 different beam positions (each with a unique resolution and incidence angle) acquired in either ascending or descending orbits. RADARSAT image and Digital Elevation Model (DEM) products provide the user with cost-effective tools to be incorporated at all stages of petroleum exploration. Results from a recently completed RADARSAT User Development Program (RUDP) project funded by the Canadian Space Agency, have allowed us to extensively evaluate RADARSAT imagery for petroleum exploration in the fold belt and foreland regions of both tropical and temperate areas. Depending on terrain type, mapping scale and complexity of structures, there are a range of appropriate beam mode(s) which may be selected. This poster provides the user with a detailed explanation of image product choices, beam modes and suitable stereo pair acquisition for structural mapping and DEM extraction.

Digital RADARSAT imagery should be enhanced, filtered, and orthorectified (in moderate/high relief areas) prior to incorporating it into the exploration program. RADARSAT imagery may be used to confirm seismic line interpretations and balance cross-sections by providing critical surface structural information especially in areas with limited field control.

By allowing the user to custom order RADARSAT products specific to their exploration requirements, many of the serious limitations associated with shadowing and layover effects, inherent in older radar systems, are eliminated.

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