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Abstract: The Origin of Immature Oils in Henan Province

ZHANG SONGLIN, Lanzhou Institute of Geology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Lanzhou, Gansu, Peoples Republic of China (Doctor candidate being at my post entrusted by Northwest Normal University)

The many Paleogene System immature source rocks in Henan Province exploratory region, which are formed in various lacustrine environments, may produce various magnitude immature oils. However, the research work on the immature source rocks and immature oils in these area is very limited, so I propose to investigate systematically the organic geochemistry, source materials, genetic environments and natural hydrocarbon-producing models of this immature source rocks and immature oils in order to provide scientific evidence for the evaluation of the immature oil resource and new exploratory regions in Henan Province.

Ten immature oil samples and twenty immature source rock samples are selected to carry on organic geochemistry study (aliphatic, aromatic hydrocarbons and non-hydrocarbons) and some of their individual compounds (e.g.., n-alkanes and n-fatty acids) will be isotopically researched.

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