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Abstract: Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, and Paleoecology of Upper Miocene Carbonate Complexes, Fernan Perez Area, Southeastern Spain

WOOD, HEATHER K., University of Kansas, Dept. of Geology Lawrence, KS

This investigation of Upper Miocene (Tortonian and Messinian) carbonate rocks in southeastern Spain seeks to determine how paleogeographic differences and temporal variations in temperature, nutrient supply, sea level, water circulation, and salinity affected local patterns of carbonate sedimentation and production in the Fernan Perez area. The detailed stratigraphic framework in the area provides the resolution necessary to separate and analyze individually controls on carbonate sedimentation that often vary simultaneously.

My field research will focus primarily on the area immediately to the west of the Rodalquilar caldera near Fernan Perez. In particular, I will link the area west of the caldera to the well-established stratigraphy of the area east of the caldera. Once I construct this temporal framework, I will begin examining lateral litho- and biofacies variations within time-equivalent units, particularly around paleotopographic highs.

As a result of this study, I hope to demonstrate that environmental effects on carbonate sedimentation and fossil assemblages can be evaluated independently and that the local paleogeography significantly influenced the distribution of litho- and biofacies. The results of this study should be widely applicable to other shallow-water carbonates and should improve the understanding of internal heterogeneity in important Miocene petroleum reservoirs.

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