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Abstract: Sequence Stratigraphic and Palynological Correlation of the Upper Jurassic Sequences in the Porcupine Basin, Offshore Western Ireland

DENNEHY, CLIONA J., University College Cork, Department of Geology, Cork, Ireland

Utilization of palynofacies analysis in a sequence stratigraphical context is based on the study of dispersed organic matter in various depositional lithofacies. The history of sedimentary basins can be reconstructed using organic material as indicators to palaeo-environments and their spatial distribution as a response to sea level changes over time.

Variations in absolute abundance's in organic particles such as palynomorphs, structured debris and amorphous organic matter can be employed to define depositional systems tracts.

Intervals from Upper Jurassic sequences of the Porcupine Basin are examined utilizing the available borehole data in order to determine the reliability of palynofacies as a tool to aid sequence stratigraphic models.

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