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Abstract: High Resolution Stratigraphy of Limestone-marl and Limestone-Siltstone Rhythmic Deposits

ALEXANDROVA, ANASTASSIA SIMEONOVA, University of Mining and Geology, Sofia, Bulgaria

The parasequences in the shallow water limestones of the Komarevo Formation are most likely corresponding to the 400 ka eccentricity cycles. Two lithostratigraphic units (Bjala Formation and limestone formation) show well-represented limestone-marl and limestone-siltstone alternation probably controlled by the orbital-climatic forcing. The aim of the study is to establish the orbital cyclicity among these rhythmically bedded sediments and to group bed-interbed couplets into bundles representing 400 ka and if possible 100 ka eccentricity signal. The subdivision will be integrated with biostratigraphical zonation and physical, biological and geochemical events.

The formations studied are perspective for gas and oil (oil and gas seepstrains, nodules, SH and salt springs) but their potential is not fully estimated.

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