--> Abstract: Future Exploration in Ohio-What is the Next Step?, by E. R. Slucher; #90930 (1998).

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Abstract: Future Exploration in Ohio-What is the Next Step?

Ohio Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, OH

The geologic structure of Ohio as portrayed by the outcrop pattern of mapped geologic units is considered simple, i.e., "the rocks in the east dip east, the rocks on the arch are flat, the rocks in the northwest dip northwest." This perceived simplicity has led to the axiom "Ohio geology -- structurally boring and relative uneventful." The recently completed bedrock mapping program by the Ohio Geological Survey created a large dataset of geologic information which created more questions than answers. Consider these. Why does the Olentangy Shale suddenly thicken eastward in central Ohio? Is it related to structure, erosional relief, or both? What caused the Ashley Anticline (new feature) in central Ohio? Is there a relationship between occurrence and thickness of economic coal beds and deep structures? And what about the Cambridge Arch and Parkersburg-Lorain Syncline? Do these terms correctly describe the geologic features prevalent in southeast Ohio? All are simple questions with no simple answers, yet, it is questions like these one should ask. For their answers may hold the keys to future exploration targets in Ohio.

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