--> Abstract: Cambrian-Ordovician Knox Reservoirs in Eastern Ohio: Production Trends and Case Studies, by R. A. Riley, J. B. Thomas, J. Wicks, and P. Mackenzie; #90930 (1998).

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Abstract: Cambrian-Ordovician Knox Reservoirs in Eastern Ohio: Production Trends and Case Studies

Ohio Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, OH,JOHN B. THOMAS
Belden and Blake Corp., North Canton, OH,JOHN WICKS
Red Bird Producing Company, Wooster, OH,PETE MACKENZIE
CGAS Exploration, Inc., Columbus, OH

Through 1996 approximately 125 BCFG and 5.9 MMBO were produced from Cambrian-Ordovician Knox reservoirs in eastern Ohio, making it the region's most attractive exploration target. Production extends 200 mi along the Rose Run subcrop, trending from Ross County in south-central Ohio to Ashtabula County in northeastern Ohio. Four representative fields illustrate the principal reservoir characteristics and various trapping mechanisms for Knox producing units in eastern Ohio: the Bakersville field, the Baltic field, the Randolph field, and the Canaan-Wayne field.

The Bakersville field, located in eastern Coshocton County, produces from the Beekmantown dolomite in paleogeomorphic traps. Cumulative production from 1980 to 1996 is approximately 10 BCFG and 250 MBO from 22 wells. The Baltic field, situated in Holmes, Coshocton, and Tuscarawas, counties, produces primarily from the Rose Run sandstone in Knox erosional remnants. Cumulative production from 1965 to 1996 is 58 BCFG and 2 MMBO from 327 wells. The Randolph field, located east of the Rose Run subcrop in Portage County, is fractureand fault controlled. From 1990 to 1996, this field has produced 5.4 BCFG and 650 MBO from 88 wells. The Canaan-Wayne field is located in north-central Wayne County, and produces from sandstone in the Copper Ridge dolomite. The trap is primarily stratigraphic with some structural and paleogeomorphic control. Cumulative production from 1989 to 1996 for 103 wells was 4 BCFG and 602 MBO.

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