--> Abstract: PC Applications for Geologic Data Analysis and Management, by K. R. Modesitt; #90930 (1998).

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Abstract: PC Applications for Geologic Data Analysis and Management

URS Greiner, Inc., Columbus, Ohio

As more and more information is collected routinely in subsurface explorations and investigations, the management and analysis of the geologic data becomes increasingly important. With new technologies emerging daily and PC Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) decreasing, the advantages for geologic data management are numerous.

Attendees of the 1998 Eastern Section Meeting will be given a demonstration of the latest software technologies used in managing geologic data for environmental and engineering investigations. Case studies will be presented on the design, development, and distribution of various types of geologic data management applications. Information will also be provided on the incorporation of legacy data, Year 2000 problems, and Internet integration.

A geologic data management application, SEDSTRAT, will be provided to attendees of the presentation. SEDSTRAT is an intuitive user-friendly application designed for managing geotechnical and stratigraphic information obtained from subsurface investigations. SEDSTRAT has been successfully used in environmental and engineering projects from California to Florida.

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