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Abstract: ANR Storage Company Experience with and Utilization of Swath and 3D Seismic in the Development of Devonian Reef Gas Storage, New York State

ANR Storage Company, Detroit, MI
Geophysicist, Isle Of Man, British Isles

ANR Storage Company, on behalf of our partnership with Arlington Exploration Company and d.b.a. Steuben Gas Storage Company, has utilized a swath seismic acquisition method and 2-D processing for the development of the Adrian gas storage field with the data set post drilling binned and gridded for 3-D processing. This, and the 3-D processing of the data was conducted successfully. Also, Steuben has acquired and processed a conventional 3-D seismic program for aiding the future field development and conversion of the Thomas Comers gas field to gas storage service.

Both fields are Devonian aged Onondaga reefs in New York state and represent two of seven of these reservoirs discovered in New York and Pennsylvania from the late sixties and through the mid seventies. The fields have produced dry gas via pressure depletion production. As is common with the Niagaran reefs of the Michigan basin, production developments of these types of reservoirs typically involve the chilling of only a few wells with the reef areal boundaries defined by what can be interpreted from seismic data. In addition, the reefs commonly have a highly variable internal structure that cannot be sufficiently characterized for optimal gas storage development from well data alone.

Our development experience at the Adrian field provided ample evidence to support the usage of relative amplitude to characterize the porosity distribution within Onondaga reefs. Also, we viewed a very clear areal extent of the reefs on time slice displays.

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