--> Abstract: Applying Moving Domain Analysis in the Appalachian Basin, by J. H. Frantz, Jr. and N. R. Fairchild; #90930 (1998).

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Abstract: Applying Moving Domain Analysis in the Appalachian Basin

S. A. Holditch & Associates, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA

Oil and gas operators and investors often use all available technology to determine a project's maximum value. Moving Domain Analysis (MDA) is a novel evaluation approach to identify profit opportunities in existing properties or in acquisition situations. The typical applications include infill, recompletion, and restimulation evaluations. This approach has been utilized during the past few yrs in the northeastern United States, and throughout North and South America. MDA incorporates geology, analogy, statistics, and conventional engineering to determine outcomes that are based on local production performance and local drainage areas throughout time. Three types of information required for this technology are production data, X/Y well locations, and on-line date. MDA can be used in both gas and oil reservoirs, unconventional shales and coals, waterfloods, and combination drive oil reservoirs. One of the primary benefits of this technique is the rapid processing and mapping of large datasets. The evaluations typically include hundreds or thousands of wells and require 1 to 2 months to complete. This paper will discuss the application of MDA in the Appalachian Basin during the past few yrs. Infill case histories will be shown for reservoirs in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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