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1998-1999 AAPG Distinguished Lectures

Search and Discovery Article #90929 (1998).
Posted March 9, 2009


Use of New Technology in the Reactivation of Old Oil Fields—Successes and Failures
    Alex E. Benton

The Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Play: 50 Years from Concept to Commercial Reality
    Neil R. Braunsdorf

Amazing Displays of Deformation Band Shear Zones Within Structure-Tectonic Systems of the Colorado Plateau...From Zion to Bryce and Beyond
    George H. Davis

Integrated 3-D Interpretation and Geologic Modeling Technologies Optimizing Exploration/Exploitation
    Mary H. Feeley

Earthquakes, Armageddon, and the Dead Sea Scrolls
    Amos Nur

The Application of Ichnofacies Analysis to the Evaluation of Marginal Marine Reservoirs
    S. George Pemberton

Stratigraphic Applications of the Glossifungites Ichnofacies: Delineating Discontinuities in the Rock Record
    S. George Pemberton

Assessing the Environmental Disaster in Central Europe: The Use of Remote Sensing as an Environmental Monitoring Tool
    Barrett N. Rock

Global Warming: Fact or Fantasy—The Science Behind Global Climate Change
    Barrett N. Rock

Space Age Geology: The Role of Remote Sensing as a Geologic Exploration Tool
    Barrett N. Rock

Role of Propagating Normal Faults in Controlling Sequence Variability and Sediment Dispersal in Rift Systems
    John R. Underhill

Sequence Stratigraphy of Intraslope Turbidite Systems: Models for Exploration and Development
    Paul Weimer

Evaluating the Petroleum Systems of the Northern Gulf of Mexico Through Integrated Basin Analysis
    Paul Weimer, Barry C. McBride, and Mark G. Rowan