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Abstract: Large Scale Synsedimentary Tectonic Control on Stratigraphic Sequences in Two Petroleum Provinces of Borneo

SNEDDEN, JOHN W. and J. F. (RICK) SARG, Mobil E&P Technical Center


The Kutei (Indonesia) and Sarawak (Malaysia) Basins are two important petroleum producing provinces in Borneo where tectonics have greatly impacted the formation of stratigraphic sequences (Figure 1). Detailed study of these two areas, in course of exploration evaluation and later drilling, allows comparison of key stratigraphic sequences and bounding surfaces and evaluation of the effects of tectonic deformation. It is determined that sequence bounding unconformities can be used in tectonically active areas to provide chronostratigraphic correlations across several paleoenvironments. Establishing such a framework is critical to determination of reservoir and seal distribution as well as establishing the timing of hydrocarbon maturity and migration.

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