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Abstract: Three Dimensional Stratigraphic and Burial History Modelling

RICHARDS, A.J., G.D. WILLIAMS, S.S. EGAN, Department of Earth Sciences, Keele University


Stratigraphic modelling accounting for the effects of sediment compaction and the isostatic effect of the sediment load on the subsidence of a basin, has largely been applied using one and two dimensional techniques. However, with the advances over recent years of computing power, it has become possible and realistic to model in three dimensions stratigraphic and structural aspects of sedimentary basins. Using techniques derived from one and two dimensional studies, analysis of three dimensional models can be made, where effects such as compaction and isostasy are compensated for. A flexible data structure permits lateral and vertical variations of data (material properties) in the model. Stratigraphic age as an attribute allows the production of three dimensional chronostratigraphic views.

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