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Abstract: Chronology, Polarity and Re-Adjustments of Structural Closures in Arabian Anticlines: Implications to Hydrocarbon Entrapments and Fields Development

IBRAHIM, M. W., Target Exploration Consultants, London, UK


Structural growth analysis revealed seven groups of oil bearing anticlines in Iraq, Kuwait and Eastern Saudi Arabia, they are in chronological order of times onset of their structural growths:

1. Drapes over basement horsts.

2. Drapes over deep salt structures.

3. Structurally readjusted drapes over basement horsts.

4. Flower structures anticlines associated with regional strike-slip (? Transfer) fault systems.

5. High Zagros duplex anticlines.

6. Zagros deep-decollement foreland anticlines.

7. Deep decollement with shallow overthrusts type of Zagros foreland anticlines.

Each group has its set-pattern of structural closures polarity. which ought to be considered when assessing vertical reservoir stacking in North Arabian anticlinal prospects and oil and gas fields.

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