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Abstract: An Integration of Surface, Seismic, Airborne Radar and High Resolution Aeromagnetic Data in Northwestern Canada

HODDER, DENISE N., Department of Geology and Geophysics, University of Calgary, Canada


A complex structural history exists in the southern MacKenzie and Franklin Mountains study area. At 60°N latitude, the Rocky. Mountain fold and thrust belt has a prominent northeast deflection (Figure 1). In addition, there are several structural elements oblique to the overall north-south orientation of the fold and thrust belt, such as the Pointed Mountain Thrust and the Liard Syncline (Figure 1). An examination of these structures using a variety. of data sets suggests a structural history that involves an original extensional geometry documented in the thickening and thinning of strata, followed by subsequent Laramide compression which is often localized on the sites of normal faulting.

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