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Abstract: Autochthonous Salt Structure in the Deep Gulf of Mexico Alaminos Canyon

DENMAN, H. EDWARD, Excalibur Interpretation Company and CHRISTOPHER P. CORONA, TGS - CALIBRE Geophysical Company

New deep water seismic acquired in the Gulf of Mexico reveals a group of salt features interpreted as salt cored anticlines. These features exist beyond the principal salt sheet forming the Sigsbee Scarp and represent compressional features beyond the mobile salt mat. Initial lines from a new 60,000 mile high effort seismic program reveal these recently discovered features in Alaminos Canyon. Select examples from the 54 fold, 13.0 second records exceed the penetration of all previous data sets for this area. Improved resolution from the 8,000 meter offset records provides superior imaging of the salt cored folds and frontal thrusts for this part of the basin.

Using these data, relationships between the autochthonous salt and allochthonous salt sheets can be developed. Additional indications of relationships between crustal elements and the overlying section important to interpretation of aspects relating to hydrocarbon sourcing and migration are important considerations. The improvement afforded by the data set provides the resolution necessary to conduct stratigraphic analyses with sufficient resolution to impact reservoir facies assessments for exploratory wells.

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