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Abstract: Tectonic and Geological Evolution of NE Syria: Implications for Regional Tectonics and Hydrocarbons

BREW, GRAHAM, ROBERT LITAK, MUAWIA BARAZANGI, Institute for the Study of the Continents, Cornell University; TARIF SAWAF, TAREK ZAZA, Syrian Petroleum Company


Northeast Syria contains several of the country's largest oil fields, and is the focus of ongoing exploration that is targeting Paleozoic potential. We have used an extensive database of seismic reflection profiles, well data, geologic maps, gravity measurements and remotely sensed imagery to map the deformation history in north-east Syria. Patterns of Early Mesozoic subsidence, late Cretaceous rifting and Plio-Pleistocene inversion are documented. The deformation in this region is tied with observations from other zones of deformation within and around Syria resulting in a model of tectonic evolution of the northern Arabian platform.

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