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Abstract: Development of a Reservoir Management Strategy for Bainville North Field, Roosevelt County, Montana


The reservoir management strategy will focus on reservoir characterization of the Ordovician Red River Formation and the design and implementation of improved recovery processes within the Bainville North field's multiple productive horizons. Due to reservoir depth and heterogeneity, few improved recovery projects have been implemented in the Red River in the Williston Basin. The technical results and methods employed in developing a strategy will be transferred to other operators.

The Red River Formation produces from cyclic dolomites of diagenetic origin at a depth of 12,400 feet. Reservoir data used to define the heterogeneity of the "C" laminated and burrowed zones were derived from digital log analysis, core analysis, drill stem tests, 3-D seismic interpretation, pressure buildup analysis, and fluid geochemistry. The data suggest that rapid lateral changes in porosity and permeability, which result in separate oil, reservoirs, are directly related to patterns of dolomitization.

The various data types were integrated into reservoir models using computer mapping and log analysis software to determine dolomite distribution, the degree of reservoir compartmentalization, production relationships, and volume of original oil-in-place. The models will be used as input for numerical simulations and improved recovery predictions.

Improved recovery processes being investigated include infill drilling and water or gas injection for pressure maintenance or hydrocarbon displacement. Economic sensitivity analysis will be performed in assessing recovery technologies and optimizing field implementation.

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