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Abstract: Optimization. of Long Interval Completions in the Lance Formation, Waltman Field, Wind River Basin, Wyoming


The completions in the Lance formation have been improved using an approach that optimizes vertical and lateral proppant placement while reducing completion costs.

Prior completion techniques used foam, energized, or low pH temperature activated fracture stimulation fluids while perforating up to 13 intervals. This approach developed complex fracture geometries resulting in high treating pressures and short effective fracture lengths.

The current approach uses borate crosslinked fracturing fluids and pseudo-point source perforating (1-4 entry points shot with a high perforation density within a short vertical interval). This technique effectively communicates multiple pay sections through the inter-bedded non-reservoir sections with reduced fracture complexity. The result is improved vertical and lateral proppant placement along with reduced completion costs.

Diagnostic pump-in/shut-in stages and the associated real-time analysis have been key to optimizing the fracture design and implementation with the highly variable reservoir character of the Lance formation. The improved production response and reservoir simulation confirm that with optimized fracture treatments all the pay interval does not have to be perforated to be effectively communicated to the wellbore.

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