--> --> Abstract: Pitfalls in Development Geology, by H. E. Sugden; #90945 (1997).

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Abstract: Pitfalls in Development Geology


Reviewing records of drilled wells, geologic maps, engineering and geologic reports, the Development Geologist will, at times, ask questions such as: Why was the well drilled? Why was the location chosen? Why is core data not completely consistent with the electrical logs? Is the map wrong? Why are well depths not consistent? Some answers are: The well was not drilled at the intended location. The core may not have been taken where reported. Surveyors make mistakes with elevations and boundaries.

Most often the questions have obvious answers and you proceed. At other times there are no logical answers. Answers exist, they lie buried in the memories of the people who were involved with the data.

This talk is a series of illustrated anecdotes from the experience of the speaker and others who have been involved in collecting and recording oilfield data. All of the examples are from California. Oilfield, company, contractor, individual names and times are fictional to protect the innocent and the guilty.

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