--> Abstracts: Gill Ranch Gas Field - Madera & Fresno Counties, CA, by G. L. Bourge, Jr., V. Jones, and D. Jones; #90945 (1997).

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Abstracts: Gill Ranch Gas Field - Madera & Fresno Counties, CA


The Gill Ranch Gas Field was discovered in April 1943. The discovery well, the Texaco Inc "Gill" 38-16, found dry natural gas in the Domengine section at a depth of -4,243 feet The well had an initial production of 11,000 MCF per day. The well also encountered a Cretaceous pay section that was subsequently completed in September 1956 and had an initial production of 4,958 MCF per day. Additional significant Cretaceous development was done during the late nineteen eighties. The Discovery well was drilled to a total depth of 9,154 feet. A serpentine basement of Late Jurassic age was encountered at total depth.

Natural gas production from the field through 1955 is 82,485,000 MCF. Production during 1995 was 2,640,000 MCF.

The development history, subsurface structural geology and stratigraphy exploration methods, and marketing considerations will be presented in this paper.

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