--> Abstract: Juxtaposition / Seal Diagrams to Facilitate Fault Seal Analysis of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs, by R. J. Knipe; #90942 (1997).
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Abstract: Juxtaposition / Seal Diagrams to Facilitate Previous HitFaultNext Hit Seal Analysis of Hydrocarbon Reservoirs


A new set of diagrams aids the analysis of Previous HitfaultNext Hit juxtaposition and sealing. The diagram is based on the interaction of rock lithology and the Previous HitfaultNext Hit displacement (throw) magnitude to control juxtapositions and Previous HitfaultNext Hit seal types. The advantages of the diagrams are that they allow an evaluation of a Previous HitfaultNext Hit seal without the need for detailed three-dimensional mapping of stratigraphic horizons and Previous HitfaultNext Hit plains. The diagram can be used to contour permeability, sealing capacity and transmissibility of Previous HitfaultNext Hit zones. These diagrams may be used to rapidly identify the critical Previous HitfaultTop throws and juxtapositions that require mapping to identify compartments in hydrocarbon reservoirs.

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