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Abstract: Correlation of hydrocarbon contamination in Previous HitsoilNext Hit with electric conductivity measurements: Example at the building site of the hydro power plant Freudenau in Vienna


The geologic pre-investigations for the Danube hydro plant Freudenau (Vienna, Austria) showed oil contamination at several drillings at the right river bank (10 km from the conference site). A detailed investigation by drillings, chemical analysis of Previous HitsoilNext Hit samples and electromagnetic measurements had to be carried out. It was possible to establish a correlation between the total amount of hydrocarbon and the electrical conductivity of the Previous HitsoilNext Hit at the penetration depth of the electromagnetic method. We used a combination of conductivity values from Geonics EM-34-3. Mapping from the surface showed the area affected by contamination.

Due to the Austrian environmental regulations only material of normal concentration could be used as building material. Chemical analysis of Previous HitsoilNext Hit samples was made during excavation work to classify the material by deposition classes. The main part of the excavated Previous HitsoilTop and gravel could be stabilized by adding cement and used as back filling of the walls.

A brief description of the geology at the site of the power plant is given which is of special interest for the participants of the AAPG conference. The impoundment of the Danube river, which has been completed some months before the conference, can be observed by everybody crossing the Danube river.

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