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Abstract: The Study on the Contributing Factors of Phase State of Condensate Gas: Examples from Tarim Basin


About 70 condensate gas reservoirs have been discovered in the Tarim Basin. They contain condensate gases generated from terrestrial humus source rock with thermal maturation between 0.5% and 1.9% R, and from marine sapropelic source rock with thermal maturation ranging from 1.5% to 1.9% R. The condensate gas in the Tarim Basin is typlified by diverse properties from wide distributions and complicated genesis, which are rarely found in other oil and gas fields all over the world. By means of the PR state equation, we calculated the PVT phase diagram of thermal simulation products of terrestrial humus lignite samples and marine sapropelic samples, establishing the model of generation condensate gas.

According to the character of the PVT phase diagram, the condensate gas reservoirs can be classified into three primary types of formation. Moreover, in terms of the formation mechanism of phase state, we will discuss the reason why the condensate gas reservoirs are extensively dispersed.

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