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Abstract: Digital Oil-and-Gas-Well Spot Maps for Ohio


The Ohio Division of Geological Survey has just completed a project to digitize all oil-and-gas-well locations in Ohio. Over 211,000 wells have been captured. This project was initiated to provide a consistent set of coordinates for all the oil and gas wells in the state, enhance the readability of the well spot maps, and provide a new method of archiving this information. Some of the products of this project are digital graphics files of all the wells to replace the mylar and paper well-spot maps, a new digital database containing all the wells found on the maps, and a highly accurate base map for the state of Ohio. The database and digital graphics files contain the coordinates of all the wells, plus up to seven attributes that were captured as part of project. The attributes include the permit number, a code to indicate the type of permit number, initial production of oil and gas, the lease number, and up to two producing formations. The new digital base map for the state is derived from the U.S. Geological Survey 1:24,000-scale Digital Line Graph files. In addition, all the irregular subdivisions have been added to the base map. The digital oil-and-gas-well spot maps are part of an overall effort to create an oil-and-gas-well Geographic Information System (GIS). New directions for the oil-and-gas well GIS will be highlighted.

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