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Abstract: Developing Viable Industry-Government Oil and Gas Research Partnerships


New York State, through the New York State Research and Development Authority, has developed a state-assisted research, development, and demonstration program using a four part approach: 1) conducting cost-shared research with industry; 2) acting as a facilitator between industry, universities, and the federal government to support R&D activities; 3) using its expertise as research managers to coordinate exploration consortiums; and, 4) offering technical support to industry and other government programs. The goals of the program are to develop new reserves, enhance production, increase natural gas storage, and industry outreach.

Over the last three fiscal years, NYSERDA has provided $1.1 million for 21 oil, natural gas and geothermal projects. Projects have included feasibility studies, geologic investigations, resource characterizations, three dimensional seismic surveys, aeromagnetics, directional drilling, and technology development. These projects have accelerated the development and use of advanced technology and generated new exploration interest in New York State. NYSERDA's current solicitation, the Advanced Exploration and Drilling Technology Partnership Program, will tie innovative technology developers with New York's operators. At least four partnerships will be funded through this program. NYSERDA is ready to expand its program into partnerships with other states in the Appalachian Basin to maximize the impact of available research, development, and demonstration funding.

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