--> Abstract: Earth Science Education: Linking Kentucky to the World, by S. F. Greb and D. R. Chesnut, Jr.; #90939 (1997)

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Abstract: Earth Science Education: Linking Kentucky to the World


Recent education reforms in Kentucky have resulted in earth science material being taught at younger ages than in the past. This has left many elementary and middle school educators teaching earth science topics for which they were not trained, and for which they need support. To assist these teachers and to increase public awareness of earth science topics, the Kentucky Geological Survey has established the Earth Science Education Network at http://www.uky.edu/KGS/education/education.html.

The network is divided into a series of sections, designed to help users more easily locate specific earth science information. The "Key to Earth Science Education Standards" has links to WWW sites (including the KGS) arranged by National Science Standards and earth science topics. Searches by topics and key words (e.g., coal, dinosaurs) can also be made through the "Earth Science Links" section. Sites on the WWW were chosen based on accuracy of information, appropriateness for K-12 audiences, quality of images and graphics, and availability of free classroom activities and handouts.

Other features of the network include: "Geology of Kentucky," an illustrated introduction to the geology, geography, and earth history of the State; "Fossils of Kentucky, a well illustrated guide to the fossils of the State; "Rocks and Minerals of Kentucky," a guide to rocks and minerals of the State; "Did you Know?," an illustrated guide to interesting facts (with fact sheets) about Kentucky; "Classroom Activities," material developed for earth science educators; "Popular Kentucky Earth Science Publications" and "Sources of Information about Kentucky Earth Science," lists of earth science resources; "Kentucky Earth Science Calendar," dates and locations of earth science meetings and trips; and "Kentucky Kids Dig Earth Science," a photo gallery of Kentucky school children participating in earth science activities to help promote student involvement in the earth sciences.

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