--> Abstract: Geochemical Study of Oil Derived from Coal, by P. Fan, G. Ying, and K. Cheng; #90939 (1997)

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Abstract: Geochemical Study of Oil Derived from Coal


Tulufan (Turpan)-Hami Basin is one of the important coal-bearing basins in China. Studies on geochemistry of source rock and oil and gas from this basin have been undertaken. Abundance and thermal evolution of organic matter suggest that there are three sets of potential source rocks in the basin: Jurassic coal, mudstone in Jurassic coal measure, and Permian and Triassic mudstone. The main hydrogen-rich components in coal are desmocollinite, suberinite, sporinite and cutinite, the former two components can generate bitumen at early mature stage (Ro0.4-0.7%), thus there exist two distinct hydrocarbon generation stages in Tulufan-Hami Basin based on the study of coal petrology and thermal evolution of organic matter.

The paper introduces the features of oil and gas in Tulufan-Hami Basin. The authors discuss the origin of these oils and gases and the distribution and hydrocarbon potential of source rocks in this basin.

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