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Abstract: Semi-Automated Data Capture for Vectorizing Geologic Quadrangle Maps in Kentucky


The Kentucky Geological Survey is using a semi-automated data capture technique to vectorize data from existing hard-copy geologic maps. A multi-step procedure is being developed to collect accurate vector data. The vectorized data will facilitate the use of geologic information in geographic information systems (GIS). The primary objectives of this program are to collect accurate vectorized geologic data at a scale of 1:24,000, create electronic 7.5-minute geologic quadrangle maps, and compile electronic 1:100,000-scale maps from the 1:24,000-scale maps.

Mylar preparation, scanning, registration, vectorization, attributing, joining and compilation are the major steps used to convert from hardcopy maps into digital format. The resulting digital geologic data can be used in computer applications and GIS. Linking to the KGS's

major databases for minerals, oil, coal and water will provide powerful databases to use with GIS analytical tools. In a GIS, vectorized geologic contacts make possible manipulation of data to obtain area and volume measurements, answer spatial queries, locate wells, and perform other geologic and mineral resource manipulations, searches and modeling.

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