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Integrated Stratigraphic Correlation - A Valuable Tool to Increase Stratigraphic Previous HitResolutionNext Hit


The establishment of an age model for sedimentary sections is a crucial task for stratigraphers. Current methods aiming to improve Previous HitresolutionNext Hit and stratigraphic correlation are based on the integration of all available age data, such as biostratigraphy, chemostratigraphy, magnetostratigraphy and cyclostratigraphy, also known as high Previous HitresolutionNext Hit stratigraphy. We propose a method to improve stratigraphic correlation and age Previous HitresolutionNext Hit in sedimentary sections through the integrate analysis of all methodologies described above within a sequence stratigraphic framework.

During the interpretation process, relative chronostratigraphy derived from detailed sequence-stratigraphy of seismic sections and well-logs is compared with all available age data. Iterative interpretation develops a chronostratigraphy which recalibrates the data sets. The results can dramatically increase the stratigraphic Previous HitresolutionNext Hit from millions of years to hundreds of thousands of years. This method develops a more precise chronostratigraphy and can also increase the stratigraphic Previous HitresolutionTop of basins where traditional methods are difficult to apply (e.g., lacustrine and brackish basins).

Based on sequence stratigraphic analysis of 2D reflection seismic profiles and well-logs, the method was successfully tested in the Pannonian Basin, Hungary and in the South Atlantic region within a sedimentary succession from middle Eocene through Pliocene.

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