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Tectono-Previous HitStratigraphicNext Hit Computer Experiments


Using a 2-D forward Previous HitstratigraphicNext Hit computer simulation, four experiments were designed to test the relationship between normal Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement and sediment distribution across a Previous HitfaultNext Hit plane. Each set of experiments focused on a specific question. 1) Does rate of Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement effect distribution of sediments across a Previous HitfaultNext Hit? 2). How is sediment thickness and distribution controlled by Previous HitfaultNext Hit position? 3) What effect does variable accommodation space (sea level and Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement) have on sediment distribution and stratal geometries across a Previous HitfaultNext Hit? 4) What rate ratio (Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement vs. sediment flux) renders Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement stratigraphically insignificant? Initial input parameters for Previous HitfaultNext Hit rates, sediment flux, and sea level were calculated from an offshore Nigeria data set. Simulation iterations tested a range of values for input variables within the context of each question. The authors admit to the limitations of 2-D forward Previous HitstratigraphicNext Hit models when attempting to reproduce 3-D Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement. However, results from experiments identified a quantified link between sediment (lithofacies and thickness) and specific Previous HitfaultNext Hit position and rate of movement. Also, high resolution simulated delta-front stratal geometries displaced by normal faults provided significant enhancement for seismic Previous HitinterpretationNext Hit. Another observation revealed that once sediment flux/Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement ratio reached a specific threshold very little evidence of Previous HitfaultNext Hit movement was observed in stratal geometries and lithofacies distribution above the Previous HitfaultTop.

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